How to Buy A Good Tennis Shoes (Complete Guide)

Having good tennis shoes is very important to be a good tennis player. But before buying tennis shoes you need to know what kind of tennis shoes you want and what your requirements are because when you go to buy any shoes for yourself you should know which brand and what type of shoes you want for yourself.

Experts who know a lot about tennis shoes know very well what role a good tennis shoe plays while playing and how a good tennis shoe provides maximum support and comfort while playing.

So we would like to give you some important suggestions on what to look for when buying tennis shoes.

How to Buy Good Tennis Shoes – Buying Guide

Tennis shoes are not like casual shoes but they are slightly different from other casual and athletic shoes. Tennis shoes are designed to provide comfort and support to the wearer because tennis requires quick movement and jumps, which is why tennis shoes help a lot in all these actions.

People who wear lightweight and sturdy design tennis shoes find it easier to move to the tennis court, which makes them more comfortable and enhances their performance.

Tennis Shoes Sizing

The size of tennis shoes depends on your feet width and length.

To find a comfortable fit, you must know the proper size of your feet. Because smaller shoes cause pain and different foot problems, and larger shoes cause blisters and instability.

Measure the foot at the end of the day when your feet are in their real position. If you are measuring your own feet then sit on the chair but if someone else is doing it then it is better to stand then measure the feet as described in this video:



How to Shop for Wide Feet:

Tennis shoes for wide feet are hard to find. Not all brands make tennis shoes for wide feet. But shoes that have wide toe boxes are suitable for people who have wide feet. Here are some important things to look for:

Width fittings: Find shoes that are for broader feet, you can estimate it by seeing the number of extra-wide fittings that shoes are providing. You can also check customer reviews in an online store like Amazon or eBay that what customers think about the sizing of those shoes. You can also see a detailed review of wide feet tennis shoes by fitfootpro.

How to Shop for Shoes for Narrow Feet:

You have to work hard to find shoes for your narrow feet. You must first try a few pairs to find the perfect tennis shoes. You have to go to the store and ask which shoes offer a narrow fit. If your heel is too narrow then you have to work a little harder to find such shoes and in the worst-case scenario, you have to give them custom order.

Basic Things That You Should Consider While Buying Tennis Shoes

Cushioning: Padding is a must if you are looking for shoes that can provide you proper cushioning in a tennis court. When buying tennis shoes, take care of such things as whether the shoes are offering EVA midsole, cushioned insoles, or gel in the heel or forefoot?

Support:  Tennis shoes buy when you are a dog, pay attention to what kind of support the shoes provide. If you have flat feet, it is better to buy shoes that offer good arch support. This will prevent your feet from getting injured and will help keep your feet stable.

Traction: To avoid slipping in the tennis court, make sure that the shoes are providing some kind of grip. Good tennis shoes provide a good grip so that it is easy to move on the court.

Breathability: Hot, sweaty feet can lead to fungal infections or blisters. Look for breathable shoes that let air in and allow your feet to breathe.

Role of the Tennis Court:

The tennis court also plays an important role in the selection of tennis shoes because the surface of the tennis court is made of clay and grass.

If you are buying tennis shoes for hard court then hard court demands a lot from your shoes. Such as a tough outsole, cushioning, bounce back, and tough upper that will provide stability when you are moving in court.

People who normally play tennis on a clay court can ask experts for advice that which tennis shoes will be suitable for you.

To play in a clay court you will need tennis shoes made of synthetic upper and herringbone tread pattern. Such shoes offer a very good grip and help to avoid slipping. The lightweight nature of these shoes is suitable for better maneuverability and speed.

Grass-court tennis shoes are designed in such a way that they do no harm to the court. Such shoes come with a nub patterned sole which provides traction to the player in ice skating sport and slippery grass.


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