All about Ice-Skating Sport

If you live in a country or have been in any, where people desperately gather to skate on ice – some skate skillfully, some struggle hard to balance themselves, while others are seen grasping their hands on the fence trying to reach the ultimate point, as they’re daunted to take their first attempt.

Basically, ice-skating is an amusing sport that requires a lot more practice and dares. Ice-skating, a recreational sport, was started in Scotland and Netherlands; on their lakes and canals. Amid winters when the water reached frozen state, people started enjoying matches across the villages.

There have been many telecast programs like Ice Capades, or the Ice Follies that have extended the way for skating people to enjoy sharing their talent commercially. Besides that, these shows are highly enjoyed by the viewers.

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Historical insight into Ice-Skating

According to the conjectures drawn, it is more likely that Ice Skating has its origin from as early as 1000 BCE, in Scandinavia. Those days, the skates were made with the rib bones of animals like reindeer, oxen, elk, and other animals. Some evidence has appeared to show that the early Dutch used metal blades as a skate. Amid the 19th century, the skates were used along with wooden footplates and used to be tied up with the foot. This type of skate was hard to use, so it was supplanted with all-steel skate by E.W. Bushnell. It was moderated in 1900, after the inclusion of the toe pick. This type enabled skaters to easily skate through its saw-like teeth situated at the toe of the blade. It makes able skaters jump and grip back the ice. By this time, there was a drastic increase in the production of innovative skates. In 1908, Figure skating became a part of the Olympics. In the Olympic agenda, men were allowed to speed-skate, whereas, women were given this opportunity by 1960.

Competitive Ice Skating Sports

1. Ice Cross Downhill

This sport takes place when the winters are extreme and are associated with skaters racing directly on the downhills. This sport has much resemblance with snowboard cross racing, with one exception – the equipment used.

A downhill course aimed for the race consists of many sharp turns, ramps, and verticle drops. The icy surface is specially designed for race, and on a protective note, both the sides are secured with barrier walls. Normally, the race consists of four players maximally. A finish line is set for racers – the one who hits it first is the winner.

2. Figure Skating

An artistic sport that is being taken on the ice rink requires specially designed skates for the athletes to wear to begin the competition. This sport involves multiple moves, and the skaters skate around the whole rink.

This type of skating includes:

Synchronized Skating

In this type, multiple numbers of people within the range of 8 to 20, skate as one team – in the rink, and perform routines.

During this race, every team is required to perform two rounds; One being Short Program, and the other is a Free skating program.

Ice Dancing

Ice dancing has its origin from the ballroom dancing. A pair of people perform dancing and make moves as per the music. It isn’t as same as pair skating, which involves throws and jumps, which are not allowed in this case.

Long Track Speed Skating

This sport is vastly played in some countries, especially the Netherlands. Skaters are supposed to cover the longest distances given at a fast pace. On standard, the track size is about 400m long (oval track) – the distance to be covered is between 500 to 10,000 m.

Short Track Speed Skating

In short track speed skating, the oval track is 111.12 m, and the rink’s size is 30 m by 60 m. It behooves skaters to brace themselves with protective gear like shin guard, knee pads, helmet, gloves, and neck protectors.

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